BBDR Residential

You travel for pleasure. You travel for business. You recently move. You have house guests. Your child attends overnight camp, or comes home from college. Any of these scenarios can introduce a bed bug infestation into your home.

BBDR performs bed bug detection and remediation services. The detection part is a combination of a highly trained dog and a visual inspection. The remediation part is state of the art heat remediation.

BBDR's detection process includes a detection dog, Chase, and trained personnel conducting a thorough dog and visual inspection of a potentially infested area. If the dog alerts, and/or if anything is found visually, the area in question is immediately verified, and explained to the client exactly what is found (live and/or dead bed bugs, feces spots, eggs, exoskeletons), and a recommendation is made about what should be done.

BBDR's heat remediation process is a state of the art heat remediation system that is powered by propylene glycol...NOT propane, natural gas, or electricity. The system produces no flammable material, potential fire hazard, and uses no electrical cables that could be dangerous. The system is as operationally and environmentally safe as it gets. All BBDR personnel, trucks, and equipment are unmarked, and are as inconspicuous as possible. The unmarked portable unit is positioned near the infested area, and hoses and heaters are introduced to the infested area with a minimum of disruption. The system is monitored continuously by remote computer and wireless sensors.